Donald Trump Jr. Has Harsh Words For Alec Baldwin Following The Deadly Film Set Shooting

Many of Donald Trump Jr.’s supporters were quick to agree with him. “Yeah the dude is disgusting,” wrote one (via Instagram). “Hates on guns and makes money using them in movies. Uses horrible gun safety and murders someone.” Another snarked, “I’m marked safe from Alec Baldwin today.” Other comments included, “Incompetence and liberalism [seem] to go hand in hand” and “shoulda taught him gun safety instead of gun laws.”

All three of Don Jr.’s meme posts sparked lengthy debates about who was responsible for the fatal shooting. Some thought Baldwin was negligent for not checking the gun and for pulling the trigger when there were others nearby. Others countered by saying the props crew, not actors, are the ones responsible for ensuring the safety of firearms. “They have a trained person on staff to do gun checks,” said one. “There are protocols and Alec followed them. He didn’t break any rules.”

However, perhaps the best response to Don Jr.’s jabs was a thoughtful — and bipartisan — opinion. “If we want liberals to have compassion, we should model it,” said the writer. “Don’t agree at all with Alec’s politics, can’t agree with how he acts about conservatives. But, also feel terrible for him, because this was a complete freak accident. He’s going to live with this the rest of his life. It’s absolutely terrible, and those of us who call ourselves conservatives should extend compassion to him, the victims, and their families, not make a meme of the tragedy.”

What do you think?

Written by Mondol

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