Gemma Chan’s Brunette Look That Fans Envy

Gemma Chan’s brunette hair is her signature look, though she did briefly sport some dip-dyed pink tips in 2019 that were equally exquisite (via InStyle). According to Byrdie, to capture her hair color for yourself, you’ll need to combine a dark brown hue with caramel undertones to create a softer look. Chan’s hair is darkest at the root and slowly blends out into a lighter brown toward the ends. It’s a subtle take on the traditionally light balayage, and we’re totally in love with how it looks.

Chan has spoken before about her hair being super straight and how she often has to add different products to get the style and texture she likes best. Speaking with Allure, Chan revealed her go-to products for achieving this goal. “I have that very silky texture that’s a bit of a nightmare to style because there’s no texture,” she said. “The ones that work for me at the moment are the Living Proof Dry Volume Blast with the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.”

Chan added that she puts in the products after using a blow dryer on her locks for optimal hold. Since her hair looks picture perfect whenever she’s on a red carpet, we’re going to take her advice on this one!

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Written by Mondol

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