How To DIY A Last-Minute Halloween Costume

You don’t have to commit to a full head-to-toe costume to dress as a famous character. Wigs, hats, and an accessory or two can be all you need. For instance, a pageboy wig, oversized sunglasses and a top hat will convey the Willy Wonka look nicely. (Or substitute a blonde or orange wig, like this one from Rubie’s, for the original Gene Wilder version.) A long red wig could be the jumping-off point for Ariel, Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy, or Daphne from “Scooby-Doo”; just find a shirt, suit or dress in the character’s signature color, and you’re good to go, per Cosmopolitan. No time for a wig? PopSugar suggests a more deconstructed Ariel look using just a purple top, light green pants, and a Flounder stuffed toy.

With a prop star wand, strap-on wings, and some creative face paint, you can transform yourself into a magical fairy in no time. Simplest of all: a witch’s hat. Whether you combine it with a long dress, a jumpsuit, or a bathrobe (hey, witches need their rest too), you’ll get the point across.

There’s nothing that says you have to “be” anything specific for Halloween, either. Just pick out a few distinctive pieces from the party store – say, a purple wig, suspenders, fishnet gloves and some necklaces – and you’re good to go. The important thing is to have fun going outside your usual fashion comfort zone. Happy haunting!

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