How To Get Over Your Fear Of Flying

Find out how a plane actually works. Knowing what causes turbulence, how a plane stays in the air, and those unusual sounds coming from the aircraft may make you feel more at ease while the fasten seat belt sign is on. You can also ask yourself some clarifying questions before you get on a plane to try and pinpoint where your very real anxiety is stemming from. Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, a licensed clinical psychologist suggests asking yourself: “What is the catastrophe? What do I actually think will happen? What am I making a big deal out of? … Answer these questions before you get on the plane,” she recommends (via Smarter Travel).

Educating yourself and finding the root of your anxiety may help. But don’t forget, there is always the option to ask for help. A fear of flying, no matter how irrational it may be, is a real fear and felt by millions of others. Sign up for a program that can help, see a therapist, or talk to your travel partner beforehand to let them know what they can do to assist you (via Psycom). Your choice to get on a plane is fully up to you. So take the time you need, and give these methods a try to find out which one will hopefully lead to a more comfortable journey in the air.

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