How Your Diet Can Improve Hormonal Acne

In a July 2020 study by Harvard Health, 24,000 adults with a wide range of acne conditions completed a 24-hour dietary survey. Though the results were not totally conclusive, researchers found a correlation between adults in the survey afflicted with acne and regular consumption of foods and beverages high in fat and sugar. According to the findings of the study, respondents who had acne at the time of the survey were 54% more likely to have a high-fat, high-sugar diet than those who did not have acne at the time of the survey.

Consistently consuming sugary foods and beverages can lead to an increase in insulin, the hormone that regulates sugar in the bloodstream (via Healthline). With fluctuation in regulatory hormones like insulin typically comes, you guessed it, hormonal acne. By cutting back on foods high in sugar and fat, such as soda, white bread, candy, sugary cereals, etc., you can prevent a spike in insulin and possibly control hormonal acne.

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