Inside Christina Ricci’s Dating History

According to Famous Fix, in 1999 there was a rumor making its way around Hollywood that Johnny Depp was cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Vanessa Paradis (who is the mother of Lily-Rose Depp) with Christina Ricci.

“While singer Vanessa Paradis was at home in France preparing for the birth of their child next month, Johnny Depp was publicly canoodling with Christina Ricci at London’s trendy Met Bar,” the publication wrote. “Revellers watched amazed as the Edward Scissorhands star, 35, openly snogged Addams Family star Christina who, at 18, is almost half his age.” Apparently, an onlooker told the press that the pair were “all over each other like a rash” as they kissed for over an hour.

Shortly after the ordeal, Ricci began dating Matthew Frauman, an actor known for “American Pie 2,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Big Fat Liar,” per Famous Fix. A couple of years after they split, she entered a long-term relationship with fellow actor and producer Adam Goldberg. They went their separate ways in 2007, which is when Ricci started dating her most famous face to date: Chris Evans.

However, aside from some red carpet snaps of the gorgeous couple, not much is known about their relationship and how serious it actually was. The same goes for Ricci’s successive boyfriend, Australian actor Christopher “Kick” Curry (via Famous Fix).

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