Is Lyme Disease Contagious for Human Beings?

Lyme disease

Lyme Disease-An infection caused by a Borrelia usually found from the bites of a deer tick is called Lyme disease. Ticks transmit the disease to humans and animals through a bite. Male ticks are black but larger than female ticks that are red at their torso’s ends. Many people already know this fact but continue to ask: is Lyme disease contagious?

Once you found a tick on your body, quickly remove it with tweezers. Make sure that you include the head because if it’s left there, it will continue to suck your blood. Never try to crush the tick nor twist it because you need to remove the tick as a whole. Once removed, store it in a bag and see the doctor for a test as soon as possible. So as to the question: is this disease contagious? You can only get it from the bite not from other people.

Still many people are asking “is Lyme disease contagious?” It’s important to note that you don’t get Lyme disease from other people; you only get it straight from a tick. There are a lot of people who are thinking that it’s contagious since the symptoms are just like influenza.

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