Joe Biden Gave Olivia Rodrigo These Gifts When She Visited The White House

When megastar Olivia Rodrigo made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Oct. 26, 2021, Kimmel asked her about the aviator sunglasses she was wearing in a photo of herself and President Joe Biden, with aviator sunglasses being one of the president’s signature accessories. He wondered if she brought her own to match him.

“He gave them to me, actually,” Rodrigo answered (via Yahoo! News). “He gave me a few gifts. He gave me those. He gave me some M&Ms, and he also gave me a shoehorn, which is strange.”

Rodrigo admitted that she didn’t even realize President Biden had given her a shoehorn — an unusual gift, indeed — until later when she found it in a bag. However, she described the entire experience as incredible.

“The White House is just the coolest place. I was so nervous to go,” Rodrigo said. “But I, like, walked in there, and there is like all these plates that like George Washington used to eat his dinner on. And all of this crazy stuff. I was like, scared I was going to sneeze and break a priceless artifact. It was crazy. But I walked out, didn’t break anything. Thank god.”

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Written by Mondol

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