Michaela Boehm Dishes On Sex, Love & Goop And Gwyneth Paltrow

That’s excellent. Are you surprised that your career has brought you to being on TV and working with Gwyneth Paltrow?Β Does that surprise you?

That’s a really good question. I would say yes and no. I would say yes, because, of course, I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. So I come at it from a place where there wasn’t any social media or not much. Streaming services, of course, weren’t available or things like that. So I certainly didn’t set out to be on TV. Absolutely not.


And so it is quite interesting to see how that happened. And then I would say no, in the sense that I think I’m now at an age and a level of experience in my work and it is genuinely the work I love, right? My entire life is in this, and it’s incredibly important to me. So from the viewpoint of that, being what my life is about, a constant exploration, constant sharpening of my skills, constant bringing new exercises into my workshops, I’m writing another book and so on. There’s a certain kind of, ah, yes, that’s right.

Yeah. Right.

I want to bring it out into the world very strongly because I feel very passionate about it.

Yeah. And I’m thrilled that people are taking to it so much and are so engaged and curious about this content, which will subsequently only help better their own relationships. So it’s great that it’s accessible for people who don’t necessarily have the chance to work one on one with you to watch it with their partners while sitting on the couch. I think that’s excellent.


What has the experience working with Gwyneth Paltrow been like for you?

Really good. We’ve known each other obviously before the show and I admire her tremendously, not only as a business woman, but as a woman and as a human who is just willing to kind of go places and really bring the passion she has for things and what she’s about like her mission into the world. And so to me that felt like a very, honor, I felt very honored to be able to do that. And I also felt very seen in a certain way, because I have that strong passion to get this to as many people as possible. And she does in a different way. And so it was very, just very beautiful. And as a matter of fact, last night, I was really touched by just how passionate she is about it and seeing that as well in our dialogues, which I hadn’t, because you film it, you don’t think about it. And seeing it was really, really amazing. I felt very, just very happy about having been able to do that.

Yeah. And was there anything that was surprising to you about working with her?

No, I wouldn’t say surprising. Just more it’s always incredibly beautiful when people step in so fully, right? And give it their very all and are that committed. And there’s always something surprising about that level of just doing it and getting with it and engaging with it and leaving no stone unturned, and that’s just very beautiful.

What do you think?

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