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Norstrat Consulting Inc, Ottawa, Ontario … Lee’s consulting company Norstrat helped bring industry, Parks Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, and academics to reality.

Welcome to NORSTRAT

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. has been created for the express purpose of helping clients with a responsibility or a business goal to implement components of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

NORSTRAT Consulting is owned and operated by Lee Carson. Mr. Carson is a respected long-time member of Canada’s aerospace and defence community with a life-long passion for all things polar.

NORSTRAT Consulting believes that the Northern Strategy represents Canada’s most important, challenging and exciting program opportunity of the 21st century. We’d like to help you play your part.

  • Federal Major Crown Procurement track record
  • Arctic and Maritime Domain Awareness subject matter expertise
  • Life long passion for all things Arctic


In 1885 the people depicted here completed a bold and challenging federal infrastructure project that joined the young country of Canada from East to West.

Now the time has come to join our country from South to North.

This time the solution will not be a railroad, but a comprehensive suite of infrastructure projects essential to the development and protection of the North.

The mission of NORSTRAT Consulting is to put our clients into the next picture.


The Northern Strategy is extremely diverse and multi-disciplinary.

Every assignment is different and tailored to your own needs.

NORSTRAT Consulting teams with other professional subject matter experts and leading companies to meet your unique needs.


NORSTRAT Consulting offers expert advice and support custom designed around Client needs.

  • Provide strategic advice on your Northern Strategy campaign plan
  • Provide subject matter expertise
  • Answer the key question of how you can build on the Northern Strategy
  • Provide Project Definition support
  • Memoranda to Cabinet
  • Operational requirements definition
  • Procurement strategy definition
  • Provide capture and bid management support

Mr. Carson has captured over $200M in related government of Canada contracts.  Let that experience work for you.

  • Provide Strategic Business Development process training
  • Provide Project Management support
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management


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