The Exact Lip Color Veronica Wears In Riverdale

Veronica Lodge loves a statement lip and, according to makeup artist and TikTok user Brittany Cale, one of Veronica’s go-to’s is by none other than Glossier. For Veronica’s classic brownish-plum lip look, on-set makeup artists reached specifically for their Generation G lipstick in Jam, which is described as a “deep berry” shade. Pick it up online for $17. Actor Camila Mendes is more experimental than her most famous character, even if she prefers to let her skin breathe during off days. Mendes, who is a spokesperson for Urban Decay, explained to Allure she favors foundation and nude shades for the most part, with a subtle color on her eyes: “Then I brush my eyebrows up, put some mascara on, and call it a day,” she said. 

Her perspective on skincare, however, has changed since “Riverdale” began, with the stunning star revealing in an interview with Hollywood Life, “I do look at beauty now from a perspective of health. I think I always sort of have, but I think I value that more. When I do go to get facials, they’re always like, you’re getting blemishes up here because you’re dehydrated. You’re not drinking enough water.” She added, “I think a huge part of skincare is just what you’re putting into your body. It shows when we’re being healthy and staying active and eating right … Your skin glows. I think that’s something that’s really underrated.” Clearly, whatever Mendes is doing is working, regardless of whether she’s glammed up or not. 

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