The Four Times Chicago Med, Chicago P.D. And Chicago Fire Crossed Over

“Chicago Fire’s” season 3 episode “I am the Apocalypse” also served as a way to introduce viewers to the doctors, nurses and staff members at Chicago Memorial, launching the successful series “Chicago Med” (per IMDb). Firehouse 51 rescues victims of an industrial chemical leak, bringing them to Chicago Memorial. But once they arrive at the hospital, a patient who claims to have a deadly airborne disease sets off a grenade. During an attempt to stop him, firefighter Kelly Severide is injured, and medical staff must race to save his life, as well as lockdown the hospital to keep the disease from getting out of the building. 

“We call them heroes … they have a very noble profession, but I think that’s a [a] very outsider perspective,” “Chicago Fire” star Jesse Spencer said, per Zox. “That’s where our show is good, because we’re concentrating on the characters. They don’t see themselves as heroes. They’re guys, they’re gals, and they’re doing their job and it’s a dangerous job and they run into these situations and they have issues with each other, and they might not necessarily like each other that much. But once they get together as a unit, they work together as a unit and that’s what they do best.”

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Written by Mondol

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