The Richest Grace And Frankie Star Might Surprise You

Ernie Hudson has enjoyed a tremendous career in Hollywood that began in 1976 with the film “Leadbelly.” Since then, Hudson has appeared on “Little House on the Prairie,” “Ghostbusters II,” “Miss Congeniality,” and “Desperate Housewives” (per IMDb). Hudson joined the cast of “Grace and Frankie” when he played Frankie’s friend-turned-boyfriend, and he’s expected to return to the show when its final season airs in 2022 (per Pop Culture).

Hudson’s work on “Grace and Frankie” has contributed to his overall net worth of an estimated $5 million (per Celebrity Net Worth). On top of that, it sounds like the actor just had a blast while hanging out on the show. He explained to Tell-Tale TV that the opportunity was tremendous, and shared what he really liked about his character. He said, “He’s the guy who just works, he’s been very blessed and fortunate, and he just happens to like this lady for no other reason than he thinks she’s cool. For me, to just play a guy without having to make him angry or make him something was just a lot of fun.”

Though Hudson has had a long career, he once told that, upon reflection, there are things he might have done differently if he could have, especially when it comes to roles that he accepted. He said, “People congratulate me on my choices, but those were the jobs that were offered. You look back on it and it’s an interesting thing, but I wasn’t as selective as I felt I could have been.”

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