The Untold Truth Of Tia Mowry

Celebrity Net Worth pins the Mowry twins’ combined net worth at $8 million, and Tia’s husband’s fortune at $3 million. While the site doesn’t confirm how much Tia herself is worth, however you look at it, she’s loaded. Considering her fortune, you might expect her to live a Hollywood lifestyle complete with a staff to do the housework for her, but Mowry cleans her own house.

She does have help though: In an Instagram post, Mowry revealed that she and Cory Hardrict split up all of the chores in their home. “I’m grateful that I have a husband I can rely on to help check off the to-do list — whether it’s cooking, cleaning or helping with homework — it’s a team effort in our house,” she wrote. Mowry added that they’re raising their kids to participate in the housework, and that they even have a “chore chart” to break things down. It’s not just about keeping the house neat and tidy, though. It’s also about combatting the “chore gap.” She wrote, “When we emphasize equality at home, it allows us to thrive out in the world, and for our family, it helps our kids learn responsibility.”

That being said, not all chores are created equal, and Mowry hates doing the laundry but enjoys doing the dishes, as she told BET. Whatever chore she’s tackling, though, she’s got a strategy for getting it done: music. “Oh, we love listening to music while we clean!” she revealed.

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