Why Foot Scrapers Are Banned In Salons And You Should Never Use One On Your Feet

Dermatology-certified physician’s assistant, Lana Pinchasov, told Well+Good why you shouldn’t use sharp devices that look like cheese graters or have razors in them on your feet. “The thickening of the skin on the feet is protective and can help keep out fungus and bacteria. Grating this thickened skin is basically opening up that area to bacteria, fungus, and yeast. It may feel smooth for a few days, but once the skin grows back, it can often grow back thicker and harder with some scar tissue.” Ouch! That sounds like anything but a soothing pedicure.

Instead of cutting tools for removing callouses, Pinchasov suggested a soak in Epson salt followed by using a pumice stone or nail file buff to help more gently remove the thickened skin. Feet and Shoes Guide also recommended using a foot exfoliant to help safely remove dead skin from your feet without the risks involved in using harsher foot scrapers. Following these tips, you can achieve smooth feet without risking an infection or thickened skin.

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Written by Mondol

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