Why Ron DeSantis’ Latest Offer To The Police Over Covid-19 Vaccines Has Twitter In A Tizzy

Governor DeSantis explained his rationale for the offer to police officers on his own Twitter feed, opining, “Your livelihood should not be dependent upon whether you get a COVID shot. This is a personal decision.” He added, “The Biden Vaccine Mandate is unconstitutional, and we have a responsibility to fight back as a state.” Finally, he said, “Vaccine mandates are bad for the economy.”

But not everyone agreed. “Ron DeSantis – Is he the most stupid governor or the most dangerous – or both?” one Twitter user commented as a reaction. Someone else said in part, “Why then is twice vaccinated Ron DeSantis incentivizing Cops not to get vaccinated? He must hate Cops.”

Someone else tweeted about the offer, “This is absolutely disgusting,” while another person joked, “Next Gov. Ron DeSantis to offer bowls of fruit to COVID infected bats, if they will move down to Florida.”

Still, DeSantis has his supporters on Twitter, with one saying, “Ron DeSantis is the most brilliant leader in America right now.” Seconded another fan, “Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing everything RIGHT in Florida!! I hope he is our president someday soon.”

Finally, another Twitter user noted, “I hate no love for Ron DeSantis and his administration but I will agree with you on this. I’m not anti-vaccine at all and I support anyone who chooses to get it, but people can’t be oblivious to the fact that it doesn’t prevent transmission of the virus.”

What do you think?

Written by Mondol

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