Why The SNL ‘Mellen’ Skit Featuring Jason Sudeikis Has Twitter Divided

Jason Sudeikis‘ “Mellen” skit has been viewed over 795,000 times on YouTube at time of writing. Many people are fans of the comedic take on a male-centric “Ellen DeGeneres” talk show, with one Twitter user imploring TV execs, “Make #mellen happen.”

“@jasonsudeikis was phenomenal on @nbcsnl #Mellen,” another fan tweeted, while someone else tweeted, “Omg I couldn’t breathe during this sketch!”

But some viewers took offense to the sketch, in which the “Ted Lasso” star dressed exactly like DeGeneres, with one person tweeting, “This @snl #Mellen sketch is pretty telling about how some view men in society today. Sorry you guys didn’t have any positive male role models.”

And one bit in particular made some viewers cringe. At one point, when Mellen was interviewing Chris Redd playing Kyrie Irving, an NBA player who has been vocal about his anti-vaccine stance, a doctor sneaks up and jabs him in a spoof of how guests are surprised on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (via USA Today and CNN). Along with a weary face emoji, one person tweeted, “The sneak #KyrieIrving vaccination on #mellen #SNL.”

What do you think?

Written by Mondol

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