Why Traveling Is About To Change Drastically Based On Your Vaccine Status

Just so there is no ambiguity or confusion, the CDC defines being fully vaccinated as those who have had two weeks or 14 days pass since they received a single dose COVID-19 shot, or the same period of time after their second dose in a two-shot series. Anyone who falls outside of these definitions is required to produce a negative COVID test result, taken no later than 24 hours before a journey. The new travel restrictions apply to all travelers who are arriving in the United States, regardless of whether they are US citizens, immigrants, or non-immigrants.

It is important to note that the CDC has made provisions so that the unvaccinated can travel, but this will mean getting a negative PCR test within 24 hours before you fly. Travelers who have had COVID can also produce what is called a “documentation of recovery” — which proves you have had the illness but are cleared to travel — and this is good for 90 days (via USA Today).

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Written by Mondol

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