Why You Should Think Twice Before Getting Hand Tattoos

But if bad healing wasn’t enough, many sources say that hand and finger tattoos are actually some of the most painful tattoos you can get. According to Cosmopolitan, it’s quite a painful ordeal. “Having a tattoo on your hands and fingers is painful for a number reasons; the skin is thin and therefore sensitive, they are bony and filled with ligaments, and, as the ink doesn’t stick to this area of skin very well, the tattoo artist may need to go over the design a few times,” says Fredrik Glimskär, founder and CEO of online tattoo marketplace Inkbay. So if you’re concerned about the pain factor of getting a tattoo, you might want to stick to the softer areas of the body: the outer shoulder, side of the calf, or the arm.

In the end, however, if you’re aware of the risks and still do opt for an impressive hand or finger tattoo, there are a couple sure-fire ways to care for your new tat.

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Written by Mondol

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